My UX prototyping presentation from Smidig2009

Last month I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the Smidig2009 (Agile 2009) conference in Oslo. This was my first time attending the conference, and I’m really impressed with the content, speakers, organizers and attendees. The format of the conference was four lightning talks per hour in three simultaneous tracks before lunch, and open spaces after lunch. The formatted worked out really well – and I got to see several inspiring and educational talks, as well as taking part in some interesting discussions in open spaces. »

Speaking at NNUG Kristiansand and Smidig 2009 next week

On Wednesday 21 October I will be visiting the Kristiansand chapter of NNUG to give two Silverlight presentations. The first will be about the MVVM design pattern, and the second on building business focused applications using .NET RIA Services. After the NNUG meeting there will be a geekbeer get-together at Patrick’s. Details and registration for the meeting is up on the NNUG site. On Thursday and Friday (22-23 October) I will be attending the Smidig 2009 (Agile 2009) conference in Oslo. »

Agile UX development using low-fidelity prototypes

For me agile software projects is all about maximizing the customers’ value of the software being built by encouraging and incorporating feedback, new features and change requests as quickly and cheaply as possible. To achieve agility we adopt agile project process like Scrum, which helps us manage and prioritize the features of the software we are building into short iterations. To build a flexible code base that enables us to quickly add, remove or change features throughout the project we adopt agile development practices like Test Driven Development. »