XP2010 and BlackBoxRecorder

This week I have been attending the 11th international conference on Agile Software Development, XP2010, in Trondheim. It has been an amazing week, filled with learning, excellent food and awesome social events, making new friends and catching up with old. I gave two lightning talks during the conference, one on UI prototyping in agile projects (the same I gave at Smidig 2009), and one on Generating Characterization Tests for Legacy Code. »

Super Mario Pong

I haven’t blogged too much about my studies, but some of you might know that I’m graduating from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science with a bachelors degree in Informatics this summer. I think the coolest course I’ve taken through out the three years at the university is the “microcontroller system design” course. The course is all about embedded hardware and building software for devices. The course is really practical, so you get’s lots of hands on assignments. »

Free SMS Gadget for Vista using .NET Interop!

This post is the second in a series of posts covering how to send free SMS messages using the Ung1881 web site. The first post discussed how to use screen scraping to wrap the Ung1881 web site into a .NET library we could use to send messages from the command line. In this post I’m going to discuss how to create a Vista Sidebar Gadget that allows us to use the .NET library to send free messages. »

Girlfriends new site, and some comments on MS and Open Source

Hege, my girlfriend, finally have a new site! Well, the site has actually been online for a couple of weeks now, and have been ready for almost a year! The site is a customized “Personal Web Page Starter Kit”, with a blog module, a “chat box”, a guestbook, and some cool Flickr! Integration. The site is available up on http://www.hege.rokenes.com/, so be sure to pay it a visit and drop her a note in the guestbook/chat box. »

Unlimited free SMS messages, exposed as a .NET Class Library!

This blog post is the first one in a series of posts covering how to send free SMS messages using the Ung1881 web site. This first post discuss how to sign into a “Forms Authentication” protected ASP.NET web site, store an authentication cookie, and programmatically post web forms. Even if you’re not interested in the free SMS messages you might still find the article interesting. The next part will be on how to use the .NET Class Library in a Windows Vista Gadget. »