Turning on the GoPro

The source code for the Arduino Sketch (firmware) for the SeeStar camera is available as part of the SeeStar repository. I struggled a bit to build an deploy the code to the Arduino Pro Mini. The SeeStar documentation says you should use the online IDE from Codebender. I had some issues getting it to work, so after filing a bug on the SeeStar repo software developer on the SeeStar team Thom Maughan uploaded the code and library to the repo. »

Soldering and the Arduino Pro Mini

Today I’ve done the first bit of work on the actually SeeStar camera. I’ve soldered breakout pins onto the Arduino Pro Mini, so that I can program it and connect it to the SeeStar Arduino Shield. I’ve only done soldering a couple of times before, so to learn the basics I followed this How to solder - Through-hole Soldering tutorial from SparkFun. I had a “learn to solder” kit I bought years ago laying in my box of electronics, so I used that for practice. »

Learning the basics

Part of the reason I wanted to take on the SeeStar project was to learn more about electronics. I write software and program computers every day, but building custom hardware and electronics is something I do not have much experience with. This weekend I’ve spent some time learning more about the basics of electronics. The SparkFun web site has a wealth of fantastic learning reasones. Some of the articles and tutorials I’ve work through over the weekend are: What is Electricity? »

First components have arrived!

The first set of components have arrived. This week I received the Arduino shield, the GoPro 3 Battery Eliminator, and the DC-DC converter. The Arduino shield is one of the key components in the SeeStar. The Arduino Pro Mini attaches to the shield, and through the shield it will provide power and control the GoPro Camera and the LED light. The GoPro Battery Eliminator will be used to power the GoPro through the SeeStar battery module, instead of using the normal GoPro battery. »

Looking for battery alternatives

I’ve been in contact with Battery Specialities to order the battery. They do not list the item on their website, nor do they ship it internationally. So currently I’m looking for alternatives. I have filed a bug on the Bitbucket repository, and have gotten the following reply from Chad: Our battery is a custom part number for them so I wouldn’t expect it to be on their website. Their sales team should be able to reference it, though. »