Automatic INPC using dynamic proxy and Ninject

There has been lots of talk in the Silverlight community about what is the best way to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface. During Christmas I blogged about how you can use dynamic proxies to get INPC implemented automatically. Since then both Einar Ingebrigtsen and Justin Angel have blogged about an interesting approach to INPC using MSIL weaving. I really recommend checking out Justin’s post, as he covers some of the pros and cons of different INPC implementations, as well as purposing an elegant solution using post-build MSIL weaving. »

Announcing Colorful Expression Studio Add-In

Adobe Kuler is a great example of a Rich Internet Application that provide great value directly in the browser. Kuler is a tool that helps you create color themes by applying different rules to find matching colors. You start by selecting a base color, and Kuler will help you find four matching colors. You can even use Flickr photos as a basis for your color theme. Adobe Kuler has a social aspect to it as well. »

Sharing logic between server and client

When building line-of-business (Smart Clients or Rich Internet Applications) you normally talk to some back-end web service responsible for enforcing business rules, authentication, and storing your data in some database. When implementing your client application you often end up re-implementing some of these business rules to give the user a better experience. Instead of having to pass an Order-object to the web service just to get an exception saying that the order date field is a required, you should try to enforce these validation rules directly in your user interface. »

YouCard Re-visited: Implementing Dependency Injection in Silverlight

In an earlier post this week I wrote about implementing the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in the YouCard application. In this post I’m going to build on that and implement Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern. Lots have been written about dependency injection, so the focus of this post will be on using dependency injection in a Silverlight context, and specifically how to implement it using the Ninject framework. For an excellent introduction to the pattern I strongly recommend Fowlers essay on the topic. »

Expression European Design Tour (Oslo October 12.)

Microsoft is doing an “Expression European Design Tour” this fall, and is visiting Oslo October 12. It’s an half day event (including lunch), and best of all: it’s free! The speakers are Surya Vanka, Florent Bajani and Martin Trion. During the event they’ll cover stuff like Microsofts propositions in the design space, the social media revolution and designing rich client experiences. Click to read more about the event, the speakers and how to sign up. »