NDC2010 - Patterns and techniques for building Windows Phone 7 applications

Last month I was lucky enough to both attend and speak at the Norwegian Developer Conference. It was a fantastic conference, and the conversations following the conference are still buzzing on twitter and in the blogosphere. For me NDC must have been one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended, offering a diverse range of topics from some of the best speakers in the industry. I’m humbled to be invited to speak at such a great event. »

XP2010 and BlackBoxRecorder

This week I have been attending the 11th international conference on Agile Software Development, XP2010, in Trondheim. It has been an amazing week, filled with learning, excellent food and awesome social events, making new friends and catching up with old. I gave two lightning talks during the conference, one on UI prototyping in agile projects (the same I gave at Smidig 2009), and one on Generating Characterization Tests for Legacy Code. »

MVVM presentation from NDC2009 on Vimeo

Last year I gave a presentation on the MVVM design pattern at the Norwegian Developer Conference. Most of the presentations from NDC2009 was recorded and made available online, including mine. However, the user experience of the video content on the NDC site isn’t the best. Playing a video requires multiple clicks, and the videos are only available in WMV format. The feedback I’ve gotten on the presentation is so good that I decided to make it a bit more discoverable by uploading it to Vimeo. »

Speaking at NNUG Kristiansand and Smidig 2009 next week

On Wednesday 21 October I will be visiting the Kristiansand chapter of NNUG to give two Silverlight presentations. The first will be about the MVVM design pattern, and the second on building business focused applications using .NET RIA Services. After the NNUG meeting there will be a geekbeer get-together at Patrick’s. Details and registration for the meeting is up on the NNUG site. On Thursday and Friday (22-23 October) I will be attending the Smidig 2009 (Agile 2009) conference in Oslo. »

Recording of my MVVM talk at NDC2009 is now online

The videos from NDC2009 are now published on the conference agenda site. The site isn’t the easiest to navigate, so Mark Nijhof went through the effort of creating a simple list of all the videos grouped by speaker. There is tons of great content available and the videos should be a great way to do some (relaxed) learning in the summer heat. There is a problem with some of the links, and the link to the video of my second talk on .NET RIA Services is broken. »