XP2010 and BlackBoxRecorder

This week I have been attending the 11th international conference on Agile Software Development, XP2010, in Trondheim. It has been an amazing week, filled with learning, excellent food and awesome social events, making new friends and catching up with old. I gave two lightning talks during the conference, one on UI prototyping in agile projects (the same I gave at Smidig 2009), and one on Generating Characterization Tests for Legacy Code. »

NDC 2009 is history - What a blast!

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to both attend and speak at the Norwegian Developer Conference 2009. What a blast! The NDC09 featured a perfect mix of content – everything from the latest in technology, to the core principles of software craftsmanship and agile development. The speaker lineup this year was AMAZING, and I feel humble to be invited among such a group of incredibly talented people. Hopefully I was able to keep up with the level of the rest the speakers. »

Announcing Colorful Expression Studio Add-In

Adobe Kuler is a great example of a Rich Internet Application that provide great value directly in the browser. Kuler is a tool that helps you create color themes by applying different rules to find matching colors. You start by selecting a base color, and Kuler will help you find four matching colors. You can even use Flickr photos as a basis for your color theme. Adobe Kuler has a social aspect to it as well. »

What's your Circle of Interest?

Paul Stovell, a great guy I meet at CodeCampOz in Wagga Wagga, blogged about his circle of interest, and encouraged fellow bloggers to define their own.  Paul defines the three areas like this: Core These are things I enjoy, care about, and follow as much as I can. When news breaks in these areas, I try to stay on top. I like to think I’m an expert in some of them, and have strong opinions on the rest. »

Heroes Happen Here - MSDN honor award

I spent the weekend in Perth surfing (not the web, but real waves), so I haven’t gotten around to blog about this until now. Instead of a traditional product launch for Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Norway created a big "Heroes Happen Here" award show. Almost like "geek Oscars". In total 13 awards where given out, and I won the "MSDN Honor award" for my contributions to the Norwegian developer community in 2007! »