First components have arrived!

The first set of components have arrived. This week I received the Arduino shield, the GoPro 3 Battery Eliminator, and the DC-DC converter.

The Arduino shield is one of the key components in the SeeStar. The Arduino Pro Mini attaches to the shield, and through the shield it will provide power and control the GoPro Camera and the LED light.

The GoPro Battery Eliminator will be used to power the GoPro through the SeeStar battery module, instead of using the normal GoPro battery.

If you are using the GoPro camera for extended periods, it is better to power the camera with a Battery Eliminator instead of connecting it to the camera’s mini-USB charger.

The coupler style Battery Eliminator snaps into the battery slot of all GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+ models and latches like the GoPro lid for a secure fit. Using a Battery Eliminator eliminates two sources of heat. The charging circuit in the camera and the battery itself, which gets warm while charging. Less heat makes the camera more reliable. Overheating can cause unexpected shutdown of the camera. A Battery Eliminator also bypasses the problems that some users have had with the GoPro charging logic causing the camera to freeze and require a reset.

CamDo Battery Eliminator Product Description

I don’t have enough components yet to start the build, but once I get the Arduino Pro Mini and the 30-Pin Ridax Connector I should be able to automatically turn the GoPro on and off at given intervals.

Jonas Follesø

Programmer, Triathlete, Traveler, Under Water Enthusiast and GoPro Videographer from Trondheim, Norway. Works as Chief Scientist and Manager at Bekk Consulting AS.

Trondheim, Norway