I have decided to build the SeeStar II

I have decided to build the SeeStar II Project, and today I ordered the first set of parts.

  1. Two Arduino Pro Mini (3.3v/8MHz) and a FTDI Cable 5V from SparkFun: $43.47.
  2. DC-DC Converter OKX-T/10-D12P-C from Mouser Electronics: $28.80.
  3. GoPro Battery Eliminator from CamDo: $69.79.

I have also contacted Chad Kecky, Electrical Engineer at Monterery Bay Aquarium Research Institute, who have offered to send me an Arduino shield (the only custom hardware part in this project) for beta-testing. The Arduino shield was the part I was most uncertain about, and which would be outside my skill level to build my self.

Jonas Follesø

Programmer, Triathlete, Traveler, Under Water Enthusiast and GoPro Videographer from Trondheim, Norway. Works as Chief Scientist and Manager at Bekk Consulting AS.

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