I’m joining BEKK

Tomorrow will be my first day as a BEKK employee. I will be joining the BEKK Trondheim office as a senior consultant. After three good years in Capgemini I decided it was time for a change. I will continue to work on different projects as a consultant, but my role in BEKK also gives me some dedicated time for other activities like exploring new technologies, preparing presentations, writing articles etc. I will continue to be just as involved in the developer community as I am today, and I already got some cool speaking gigs lined up for the fall. More on that later.


BEKK have some really talented people working for them, and over the years I’ve noticed how they’ve been one of the early adopters of agile processes and techniques (XP, Scrum, Kanban, TDD/BDD etc), as well as new technologies (Ruby on Rails, Cucumber) here in Norway. I hope that by working for BEKK I’ll get a chance to broaden my technical experience, and perhaps do some projects on alternative platforms (I’m sure .NET will continue to be my main platform so don’t worry about me leaving the .NET community).

Jonas Follesø

Programmer, Triathlete, Traveler, Under Water Enthusiast and GoPro Videographer from Trondheim, Norway. Works as Chief Scientist and Manager at Bekk Consulting AS.

Trondheim, Norway http://jonas.follesoe.no