MVVM presentation from NDC2009 on Vimeo

Last year I gave a presentation on the MVVM design pattern at the Norwegian Developer Conference. Most of the presentations from NDC2009 was recorded and made available online, including mine. However, the user experience of the video content on the NDC site isn’t the best. Playing a video requires multiple clicks, and the videos are only available in WMV format.

The feedback I’ve gotten on the presentation is so good that I decided to make it a bit more discoverable by uploading it to Vimeo. In addition to the MVVM presentation I have also uploaded my lightning talk from Smidig 2009 (in Norwegian) as well as my Silverlight talk from TechEd New Zealand 2008.

If you want to watch all the content from NDC2009 you can download it nicely packaged as one big torrent file. Oh, and I haven’t made an announcement on the blog yet, but I will be speaking at this year’s NDC.

MVVM Design Pattern NDC2009 from Jonas Follesø on Vimeo.

Jonas Follesø

Programmer, Triathlete, Traveler, Under Water Enthusiast and GoPro Videographer from Trondheim, Norway. Works as Chief Scientist and Manager at Bekk Consulting AS.

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