My UX prototyping presentation from Smidig2009

Last month I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the Smidig2009 (Agile 2009) conference in Oslo. This was my first time attending the conference, and I’m really impressed with the content, speakers, organizers and attendees. The format of the conference was four lightning talks per hour in three simultaneous tracks before lunch, and open spaces after lunch. The formatted worked out really well – and I got to see several inspiring and educational talks, as well as taking part in some interesting discussions in open spaces.

My talk was about UX prototyping as a natural part of an agile software project. This is something I have written about both on this blog, as well as the Capgemini technology blog. The talk covered UX prototyping as a technique and the benefits it gives you in an agile project, as well as showing two short demos of mockups in Balsamiq, and interactive prototypes in SketchFlow.

Thanks to Tandberg video recordings of the entire conference was made available almost instantly. The image blow takes you directly to my presentation. I have also uploaded the slide deck to Slide Share and embedded it into this post.


Jonas Follesø

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